Born and raised in New York City, I left my beloved hometown to pursue academic aspirations at Brown University. There I began my scientific career as an undergraduate research assistant in David Badre's Cognitive Neuroscience of Cognitive Control and Memory lab. In May of 2014 I completed a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Cognitive Neuroscience. 

After graduating, I worked as a research staff member in Matthew Lieberman's Social Cognitive Neuroscience lab at UCLA. For this job I coded experiment and analysis scripts using PsychToolbox and MatLab, ran participants in behavioral, fMRI, and fNIRS paradigms, and analyzed data using Excel, SPSS, MatLab, and SPM8. I also volunteered in Adriana Galván's Developmental Neuroscience Lab at UCLA.

I am now a graduate student and NSF fellow in Cate Hartley's lab at New York University, researching how reward and motivation influence learning and memory over the course of development. 

For more information on what I've worked on, check out my Projects page.